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What would a better democracy look like?

Our current democracies are poor at serving the needs, never mind the wishes of the public.  Some of this is for obvious reasons – tyranny of the majority, particularly in the US with a two party system, the entire political … Continue reading

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How important is strong pseudonymity for democracy?

Anonymity and and pseudonymous accounts – are needed to support whistleblowing, and to make sure that people do not avoid getting the information they need (e.g. on homosexuality, aids) because they want to avoid embarrassment or worse.  > cannot find … Continue reading

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Can automation create better consensus

Can an automated consensus process provide features that would give it some advantages over the in-person kind? I’m not sure, but I think that there are options worth exploring. Right now lots of people are doing distributed consensus over new … Continue reading

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Democracy X.0

I woke up wondering about what version we are up to now? Democracy 3.0, perhaps more. Without dealing with too much history, clearly representative government allowed democracy to scale over what I gather was essentially the town meeting model of … Continue reading

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