Personal Automation Toolkit

We each need a toolkit that will allow us to define and generate electronic transactions.  These notification transactions should be able to come to us later and/or notify other people or things, based on events.  Definition of future transactions would be user initiated and therefore inherently decentralized.  It should be easy to manually define one or more combination of events that would create notifications once these events occur.  Alternatively devices can be set to create notifications.  Events and/or notifications can require sequences involving one or more people or devices.  New notifications can be created only in response to a series or combination of non-events.  This makes possible a bottom up driven automation framework for among other things a potential workflow system.

How does my Mom use this system to create a workflow for me to participate in.  OK, clearly a very simple programming interface is required.  With that programming interface and an underlying event creation and response engine (e.g. Kynetix) that is pretty much the heart of it.  At that point it just becomes more powerful as more individuals and network aware things are available to be part of this notification network. The Personal Automation Toolkit then encompasses external and internally generated events, calendar managed events, and controls and events from the ‘Internet of Things.

Architecturally it would have to have standards that both allow and constrain (for interoperability) workflow event and sensor notification syntax and semantics, perhaps some other protocol variations.  It should allow normal humans to program it so that they can connect to people and things and collaborate with people for shared interests and to create community.

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