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Personal Capability Maturity Model

I was not as resilient as I expected to be while unemployed.  I had dozens of technical areas I wanted to grow and extend, when I finally had time, I expected to jump to it.  I found myself without motivation and … Continue reading

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Resolving conflict through restorative justice

I’ve just listened to the audio version of this videoblog (mp3 download on page) between two academic evolutionary psychology types (Michael McCullough, Dacher Keltner) who talk (among other things) about the results of the fact that  justice systems often do not provide closure.  Justice … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Rubicon

Mindset is everything.  There is an entrepreneurial Rubicon that one can cross slowly or with great rapidity.  I am crossing it slowly, because I might work for an organization that I am not the primary owner of again. On a … Continue reading

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